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Letter from "Your sister and friend Jean" of Sea Cliff, 1901-07-25

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Scope and Contents Excerpt from letter: "I am truly deeply interested in you and so anxious that you make the most of yourself. Please give up smoking... . "Your mother's happiness depends upon you to a great extent". Fred, take Him as you guide - your constant companion...".
Dates: Other: 1901-07-25

Letter from B.F. Bailey of Sea Cliff, 1901-09-01

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Scope and Contents Excerpt from letter: "I spent two days of last week in Springfield and had a lovely time - but didn't see anything of you. I wonder if you were somewhere". "I have a wheel coming to me - I expect I'll have it Saturday. If you're home I know you would take some rides with me. Wouldn't you?"
Dates: 1901-09-01

Letter from Josephine Wilson of Jamaica, NY, 1901-10-18

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Abstract Excerpt from letter: "I expect there (are?) manly fellows who realize that they are in the world for something more than just to have a good time or to make money; that God had a purpose in their lives and wants them to grow from boyhood to a manhood which will be of real service...". "I had a very pleasant summer and was able to go to the Pan American Exposition for a week..."
Dates: 1901-10-18

Letter from Sadie of Springfield. Addressed to Hendrickson aboard the S.S. ST. MARY'S, New London, CT, 1902-06-16

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Abstract Excerpt from letter: "I received your letter O.K. and was very glad to hear from you again. I am also pleased to hear that you have an opportunity of visiting so many places of interest". "Last Saturday quite a party of us went to Willets' Point in Market wagons. We certainly did have a fine time...". "In the afternoon a nine came over from Fort Schuyler and a lively game of baseball ensured".
Dates: 1902-06-16

Letter from M. (Shellon?) of A.B.N. Co , 1902-07-24

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Abstract Excerpt from letter: "How is that? I really was in a quandary (is that spelled properly?) as to how to address you." "The same hum-drum. A.B.N. Co. life still goes on for me, while you are seeing the world and enjoying your new surroundings". "I have had a very quiet summer thus far - very little pleasure. I never seem to enjoy myself now"
Dates: 1902-07-24

Letter from Sadie (S.F.D.?) of Springfield to Hendrickson on the SS ST. MARY'S in London, 1902-07-25

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Abstract Excerpt from letter: "... our Sunday School calmly announced the fact that we take a trip to Glen Island ..." "I gave my wheel its annual cleaning, and in the afternoon Etta and I went out to Flushing to visit 'Grandpa Gildersleeve', he is as jolly as ever and more affectionate (if possible!)"
Dates: 1902-07-25

Letter from Ed J. Heal of Fort Trumbull, CT, 1903-01-07

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Abstract Excerpt from letter: "I had a twenty day pass since I saw you. I went to N.Y. and met my mother whom I had not seen for eleven years and my sister I had not seen for fourteen years ... . "I got a letter from Brenner a while ago, he was on the "KEARSARGE"
Dates: 1903-01-07

Letter from (Jean?) M. Bailey of Seymour, Conn. to Hendrickson on board the ST. MARY'S docked in Queenstown, Ireland, 1903-07-04

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Abstract Excerpt from letter: “Honestly?, Connecticut is a delightful state - the variety of views – the ever changing scenes of a hilly country couldn't be improved upon". "You can't be too careful in your everyday life Fred. Avoid slang, try and use good English and don't get careless in manner. These are what count (more?) in the make up of a refined gentleman or lady"
Dates: 1903-07-04

Letter from Edward Baylis of Springfield. Addressed to Hendrickson aboard the Schoolship ST. MARY’S in London, 1903-07-13

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Abstract Excerpt from letter: “We organized an Athletic Club about a month ago, and hired the room over Norton’s Store which is lighted every night for our use. The Chemical Engine is in the new building across the street. It was called our the first time since being there for a fire in St. Albans at Joe (West, Jr.?). They got their to late to save the house, but saved the barn"
Dates: 1903-07-13

Letter from (Harriet?) O'Callaghan of Fort Lisle, Queenstown. Addressed to Hendrickson aboard the U.S.S. ST. MARY'S at either London or Cherbourg, 1903-07-16

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Abstract Excerpt from letter: "Mr. Weickum wrote to my sister. He said that you were all quite well and enjoying your visit to Cherbourg. Do you like it better than Queenstown? I dare say our poor little town is not compared to it...". "... when you have your photos convenient will you give me one. I should like very much to have some views of our friends on the "ST. MARY'S"
Dates: 1903-07-16